[US/UK]Defense of Breeze – Victory!

Today we logged on to defend our Capital Server of Breeze from SWAT. We maxed 23 troops and averaged 21 and we win by default (Commando told us that the invasion of Breeze didn’t follow 24 hour rule by SWAT). Either way, it was a close battle and a fun battle, let’s keep winning. Oh yeah, also, SWAT multilogged with a proven multilog, Fort59. Sooooooo… (image at the bottom of the post).

11 Responses

  1. ACP Victory! Good job guys!

  2. I came

  3. I came grats ACP !!

  4. I came, I had to leave chat though because of lag

  5. Ganger was lending Fort59 to P194, a SWAT agent.

  6. yo victory he posted it 1:00 EST yesterday omfg lol

  7. that is moe then 24 hours…

  8. but gj leading alb

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