Today SWAT tried to invade our server Big Snow, after constantly running away from us with 1/2 of our size, 18 minutes into the event they finally matched our size. Okay tactics, okay size, could of been better.

Max 16

Average 14






@SWAT’s Sad Multilogging Accusations

UPDATE: 4:36 pm EST (really Max) Also. CPAC confirms the “Re-Invasions” count. 

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[US/UK] Battle of Beanbag – VICTORY

Today we logged on to defend Beanbag from SWAT, after some problems on Monday, we came back swinging with a max of 23 troops! We had consistent sizes all along, and it was a close battle, so obviously SWAT will claim victory, but we know in our hearts of hearts that we won! Let’s do great again tonight ACP!

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[AUSIA] Re-Invasion of Kosciusko 11/08/15


Greetings ACP!

Today we invaded a server that SWAT owned for 4 hours, Kosciusko. We maxed 14 and averaged 12-13, while SWAT maxed 8 and averaged a whopping 3+! They tried claiming that the invasion was invalid, but it is completely valid seeing as we posted the invasion 48+ hours in advance. We could have done better today, but we can improve in future events.

acpevent49 get wrecked

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