SWAT confirmed multilogging

It’s pretty amusing that SWAT calls ACP irrelevant, calls us dead, says so many things about us, spamming essays in CPAC comment sections, yet they are the ones who have to multilog. We caught you guys multilogging in the beginning of the war yet you declined, but that’s not what your leader said…


Like I said before, SWAT’s leadership will collapse and then will the army then it will repeat. SWAT will always be irrelevant and nobody will ever like it. You can say whatever you want about this, SWAT, but everybody knows your army is full of multilogging irrelevant scum. You call us weak, but you have to put extra penguins on club penguin just to match our size. Can’t wait to see your 10 paragraph essay you put in the comments of this, Badboy, if only people actually cared what you have to say, go rage somewhere else you washed up loser. Nice job SWAT. Keep it up.