Why The Re-Invasions of SWAT Work?

There has been a lot of whining and moaning from SWAT that our re-invasions aren’t valid. I’m gonna keep this simple; here’s why they are:

Armies have rules. They aren’t set in stone, but overall, most of us obey them. But again, these rules aren’t set in stone, there are loopholes and we have been able to get around them and then we go running to CPAC to confirm if these loopholes are also allowed, and then one of them says they are, and another one says they aren’t, but the reality is, they’re making up new rules on the spot.

The re-invasions go like this. We schedule them way more than 24 hours in advance, some of these, were up for days. When the re-invasions were scheduled, all these servers were still part of the ACP nation. There are no rules against an army re-invading their own server, to confirm that they own it? It might seem silly to some armies, but it’s a good event style. Now, if an army happens to take that server, say, a few hours ago, that army should be aware that possibly a few hours later, that server will be re-invaded.

Now, let’s take the most recent successful re-invasion. On 8/14, at 7:30 AM EST a few ACP troops logged on to re-invade the Server of Sled. This Server had been taken by SWAT at 3 AM EST, about 4 hours ago.

SWAT claims this is invalid.

The rule about invading lost servers has always gone like this, if a server is lost by an army, they can post an invasion of that server directly after their loss, but the invasion must be scheduled for at least 24 hours in the future.

The re-invasion of Sled was scheduled on the 9th of August. SWAT had time to be aware of this event, they knew that if they took this server, they would have to defend it.

Our invasions are valid. We are 9-6, we actually admit defeat when we lose. grow up, you’re not 14-1.

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