[US/UK] Invasion of Half Pipe [VICTORY]

Today we logged on to invade SWAT’s server, Half Pipe. We had a max of 13, which stayed consistent pretty much throughout the battle. Tactics were perfect or near perfect, and we won, due to SWAT logging in nearly 7 minutes late. After they finally did show, it was a good battle, but ACP Victory!

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[aUSia] Defense of Boots VICTORY 16/08/15


Greetings ACP!

Today, to SWAT’s surprise, we showed up to SWAT’s “AUSIA” invasion to defend the server Boots. Badboy quickly realized that they were no match for us, so he gave the order not to log on the server. We maxed 19 and averaged 15-17, but were sadly raided by an unknown user’s bots. SWAT thinks that they can take our servers at “AUSIA times” just because most AUSIA troops (including me) are at school during the battles. Well guess what? We just destroyed you :D. Thank you if you logged on!

acpevent51 ed

acpevent51 ef

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