[US/UK] Invasion of Half Pipe [VICTORY]

Today we logged on to invade SWAT’s server, Half Pipe. We had a max of 13, which stayed consistent pretty much throughout the battle. Tactics were perfect or near perfect, and we won, due to SWAT logging in nearly 7 minutes late. After they finally did show, it was a good battle, but ACP Victory!

7 Responses

  1. Tactics A1, SWAT beaten, size could be better, but good job ACP!

  2. I came

  3. im sakr 18 and i came but we won so you know i get cash i make it poop make me mod or promo me if you raw but i made it and im cool and why am i typing still idk but they call me a pro and i eat the

  4. I came

  5. Okay, so since we aren’t in war anymore, I feel like I can ask this now. How does an army entering the first battle room about 6 minutes late cause them to lose the battle? Battles are 30 minutes long, not 10. If an army is only 6 minutes late, but is bigger and better of the last 24 minutes…. 24 > 6.
    I’m not trying to attack you guys right now, but I just want to understand your reasoning.

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