Retirement of Skipper233 – ACP Veteran of 2007

Hello ACP,

Today we are losing one of our old veterans, Skipper233 who has been with the ACP since 2007. I never knew him as Skipper during my own leadership as he joined under a different name. Who knew I had another one of Oagalthorp’s former soldiers under my command? I certainly didn’t! And I certainly didn’t know he was Oagal’s former 4ic either! Still sticking with us until now, we should thank him for his long service to the ACP.  This is his retirement post, make sure to read it.

Club Penguin history

September 09, 2006 – I was at school, in the library playing games on the computer. When I saw a good friend of mine, on some kind of penguin game, throwing snowballs at some other people. I asked him what’s it called, he said “Club Penguin” I looked it up and I saw it on the miniclip forum. It looked really awesome, so I decided to create my own account. My penguin’s name was Skipper, because that was my favorite character in the movie “Madagascar” and the 233 was the time I was creating it. Back then, I wasn’t really creative so I just look around me, to create the penguin’s name. I chose my favorite color, black because it’s mostly my mood all the time. I used my own email address, and I created a password that I could easily remember. So that is when my penguin was born.

The first server I went on was Mammoth. It was always full everyday. There was a lot of other penguins on it and they all seem really friendly. When I first went on Club Penguin, I kept saying I was new and asking people for help. During that, people kept adding me and I just accept it. I played a lot of games and won, and then I earned enough coins to get a really cool head item, the Roman Helmet.

November 24, 2007 – I mostly just played games and group up with some other penguins, wearing the same color to play some good ole ice hockey. My favorite team sport, on the game. After me and the other people on the red team beat the blue team (37–21) I went to the dock and I notice something very, very awesome and interesting. I saw a big group of orange penguins and another group of green penguins. The green penguins was shouting “ACP ACP ACP ACP” and the other penguins was shouting “Fever” I thought the ACP looked cool, so I turn green with them and joined them. I asked them what does ACP stands for, and a penguin named Rapidy said “Army of CP” so as I battled with them against the orange penguins, I looked up Army of CP and found it’s website. I saw that they had a lot of people that joined, so I decided to join them as well. I then went to their chat.

The chat was full of people who played Club Penguin. I saw the same guy, Rapidy on it. So I clicked on his name and private chatted him, saying I joined. He said awesome, and ask if I was on CP. I said yes and that he was the one who answer my question. He then told me to focus on the battle. So I did. The battle lasted for over an hour and it was really fun. I then found out that the ACP was the first Club Penguin army ever made in the year 2006. I also found out that it was created by Oagalthorp, and the orange penguins were another army, called “Watex Warriors” and the battle was because of their leader’s Fever (Watex) retirement. The battle was a big thing in this part of warfare. On the chat, leaders were giving out orders of what to do next on Club Penguin.  We threw snowballs at them and we kept chanting “ACP FOREVER” and “ACP ACP ACP ACP.” We then moved to the room that would soon be the dojo.

March 22, 2008 – The day of Oagalthorp’s retirement from his ACP leadership. Oagal’s retirement was the biggest part in ACP history. It was the end of the guy who pretty much founded Club Penguin Warfare, a true Club Penguin legend. Oagalthorp has led the Army of Club Penguin 2006 to 2008 and he has led them through some tough wars and times, during it’s history. Huge wars like World War 1 and World War 2, and he led them through depressions and the Golden Age. During his last battle, a lot of ACP soldiers has attended. Some people didn’t want him to go at all. But nothing stopped him.

The end of his last battle. 😦 ^^

The retirement of Oagal has put a small impact on ACP, only a little. Some people decided to leave, but other soldiers decided to stay. Here’s a video of the battle.

The day after Oagal’s retirement, I had to retire myself. Because my dad’s lung cancer was getting worst, so I had to take the time off, to be with him and support him. So I retired on March 23, 2008 and I didn’t know if I would ever return to Club Penguin or ACP in the future. I had a really great time, being in this army and it was a blast. The highest rank I earned during that time, was 4th in command. I would truly miss a lot of the friends i’ve made and the people I battled alongside with and against. This was a true experience. I hope the Army of CP lives on forever, for new people who joined the miniclip would have a chance to have the same experience, as I did. I hope to return and remember ACP FOREVER! 

When ACP was against the Rangers 

The Return

June 03, 2011 – The return of the great soldier – Today i’ve returned to Club Penguin and CP Warfares. I lost memory of my old CP account, Skipper233. So I decided to create a new one named, Akon1133. Due to that time, Akon was my fav singer. As I made the new account, and tried to get all the stamps and items I could find on the island, I made a couple of friends on my home server that was still popular. Such as Obama8100/Bigmail, Emmycat, Yoyo, Dutyj1/Midnightwave, Lion Hobby, and more. One day when I was just hanging out at the Town of Mammoth, I decided to get a pin from the underground lake, that’s when I saw my former army Army of Club Penguin (ACP) throwing snowballs at this one penguin (I forgot his name) I decided not to give up my true identity so fast and having people from ACP remembering me, so I joined the one penguin’s side and threw snowball back at ACP (sorry) the penguin was hit, so I dragged his body back to safety and continued to defend him with everything I could. The 1 vs. 20 battle went on for 37 minutes, until I manage to dragged the penguin’s body out of the room and into safety. We hid as the ACP patrol set out, to search for us. Once I knew they have left, we ran all the way to my igloo. We rested there for a while, I asked the penguin, why were they attacking him and he reply ” I attacked them first” I asked why and he said “because they’re evil” the last reply made me uneasy. If I told him I was a former ACP soldier, he would might think I was evil as well and try to run from me while still wounded. So I kept quiet. After an hour of just talking and hanging out at my igloo, I told him to stay there, while I check the server, in case anymore patrols were still looking for us. I saw no one as my last check was at the plaza, so I decided to send the penguin a ‘Go to plaza’ postcard and he came. We went into the Pizza Polar and ate some pizza. (Could use some more seaweed)

December 28, 2011 – Re-joining the Army of Club Penguin – It has been a while, since I seen the penguin, I’ve saved. I’m guessed he retired or went away, and I was becoming very bored with the game. I decided to go back to warfare, I looked up the ACP website, and when I saw it, I saw it was still alive and was being led by two penguins, Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000. I decided to still remain unknown, so I went on their chat and acted new. I commented on the join page and I told the current ACP owners I joined, it took me 3-4 weeks to get my rank, but that was because i emailed one of the leaders, Kenneth and he saw it. I went on the ACP chat as the same name, Akon1133. That was also the name given on the rank. I was private all over. I quickly made it up to captain in 3 months, I did all my best, recruiting, attending events, helping out and etc. During the 2nd month, I moved up 2 ranks. Then in the 3rd month I was titled captain. I was able to make friends with Kenneth, Mchappy, Ekpenguin, Slider and Carter. One day I met Obama8100/Bigmail on the chat and he was a mod rank. I told him who I was and that we met on CP and we become closer friends.  I then saw Bobcatboy10 and Kg 007, Fort57 and I told them who I really was, they were shock. I ask them not to tell anyone and they agreed. At first Fort57 did not believe it was me, and until I gave him proof, he believed. I told them I forgot the info to my old penguin account and etc, and they understood. When I re – joined the Army of CP, they were at war with Nachos and Ice Warriors a lot. We would mostly max over 50 people on Club Penguin, so I thought ACP would remain big forever. (I’m gonna skip most of the times, because 1. they’re not really important and 2. i’m too lazy to type all that)

March 17, 2013 – The day I reveal myself  –  As the Army of Club Penguin allied themselves with the massive blue army who tied ACP size along the battle field. ACP started to get more intense, during the new times of the army. Other armies has decided to join the game, such as Light Troops, Doritos of CP, and more. They were a big change into the latest Club Penguin warfare, some were allies with ACP from the start. Others were a huge threat, with leaders that craved for nothing but power (Hitler all over) and they wanted to spread rumors that ACP is evil, only to get more people to join them, so they can find the chance to destroy us. Although no matter how much they tried, they could never defeat us. No matter what everyone living soldier in ACP, would recruit new people and we would just get bigger and bigger. I been known to ACP as just a new recruit, named Akon1133. Ever since I re joined, I had made great progress. I decided to tell everyone who I was, with the support of Fort57, Kg 007 and Bobcatboy10. As the chat was full, all the moderators and owner + Kg, Bob, Fort, Boomer, and Shab was on as well. I changed my name to Skipper233 ACP Captain [ACP 2007 veteran] on the ACP chat. Everyone soon remembered and was shock about my return, they kept pc’ing (private chatting) me and chanting me name. It felt good to be online, as Skipper233 again. I even found my Skipper233 account info and I logged onto it, I had over 39 friend request and 41 postcards. A week after, my old friend Pete Vance went onto ACP chat and he saw me. He was so excited, he kept pc’ing me and asking me questions. At first he didn’t believe I was Skipper, but until he tested me (his questions are awful) I answer them all and he was shock. He then ask if we could hang out onto Mammoth, and I agreed. It felt good to be back, but things changed after all that, new leadership, coups, and more has happened. (Skipping straight to 2014/2015)

Unremembered month, 2014/2015 – The changes in the ACP nation – The Army of Club Penguin was in for a big change. Some leaders got coup from their power in the army, ACP suffered recruiting effort, and lack of soldiers being active. The ACP was in another depression. We started lowing from sizes from 40 to all the way to 20-27 on Club Penguin. A lot of scheduled events were cancelled, there were a lot of inactive owners and mods on the ACP chat. The ACP was dropping on the CPAC top ten, and it was once in the small/medium army top ten, with medium army sizes for a week or two. Leaders only led ACP for a year, or 6 months then retired, and the next person was appointed to leadership. It was a living hell, in the ACP nation. To other armies we were known as an easy target. A lot of armies such as Nachos, Light Troops and even medium, new armies they were made in like a week declared war on us, to make themselves look bigger and better. Their goal was to finish the ACP, for good. They were savages. Then Club Penguin started to change itself. The CP moderators became more strict, toward CP warfare, they started banning any recruiters right on the spot. They then discover from CP Warfare, that armies been using auto typers, to recruit at unlimited time, so they banned anyone who was saying the same thing for a long time. Numerous people has sent Club Penguin a complaint about these new changes, and that the ‘Disney controlled game’ is ruining the Club Penguin Warfare that has been happening for over 9 years. It’s true that Club Penguin changed since it was taken over by Disney, new Club Penguin players said they created CP. Well actually no, they didn’t. The real creator of Club Penguin is a well known, game designer named Rocketsnail, he created Club Penguin in the year 2005 and he sold Club Penguin to Disney. My opinion: Club Penguin was way better off without Disney, we could do a lot more and it was better for everyone/everything, Warfare, players them self, and etc. But that’s only my opinion, I cannot speak for anybody else and it’s my history/story i’m writing, so I pretty much have the write to express my feelings.

During the year of 2015 (the month doesn’t really matter) the ACP was being led by two of my favorite Club Penguin foster parents, Purpleslime and Fluffyboy3. When they led the Army of Club Penguin, they were doing really good. The one thing that we had trouble with succeeding with, was recruits and getting ACP big again. But they were great leaders, people kept talking bad about them. But there was nothing wrong with them, yes they were both dating and leading the army at the same time. But one thing they did as leaders, is make ACP fun, they always got people hyped up before/during events and they added all these new fun systems. The main reason about Club Penguin and Club Penguin Warfare, is to have fun, and make new friends. People get to serious with the game, and they start to cyber-bully other people and get mad, when someone doesn’t do the right thing, or the army not doing good. A true army leader, is mostly calm, and make sure everyone in the army is having fun and make sure the army is safe, fun, and etc for the soldiers.

After Purple and Fluffy retired as leaders of the Army of Club Penguin, the new given leader was Ahmed 7569 and the ACP was still the same size. We kept getting the size of 17-25 on Club Penguin. During this time, i’ve have done so good, I regain the rank of 4th in command and I was really happy about it, I kept doing what I was doing, Recruiting and attending all the events.

After 3 months of the ACP be solo – lead by Ahmed, one of the ACP 2ic, who was former Doritos of CP leader/legend, Bam117 was promoted to leadership of the D.R.A.C.P(The Democratic Republic of the Army of Club Penguin) alongside with Ahmed. Then after a week or so, the army started to grow, with the size from 23 to the size of 30+ on Club Penguin. It was a miracle. I once called Bam a wizard. When Ahmed was leading Army of CP solo, the reason other armies wanted to destroy the army, was because they did not approve of Ahmed’s new rank and they wanted Bam as leader. So they were punishing the whole army. I’ve been the Army of CP 4ic for about 3-4 months and I kept wondering to myself, when I would get the chance of being a full 3ic rank (owner rank) and once I am, I will do everything I can, to help the army in any way. The ACP is on the rise now, and it will soon be known as the number 1# army on the Club Penguin island, as it always was. Now with the new leadership, it will keep on rising for now own and we will be ready for anything.

The history was not entirely updated, when I started Club Penguin blogging, they’re so many people I just want to thank, for being supportive to me and help me get around, and keeping me playing this game.
I’m sure Club Penguin will still be around, for a while and same with Club Penguin armies, just to let you guys know, Club Penguin armies aren’t really that bad, they’re really fun to be in, if you were to join one, my choice would be the ACP – Army of CP, since that is my first army, i’ve joined in 2007.
I will still visit you guys on twitter and on xat, you will mostly find me hanging around on I just won’t be on Club Penguin, though. For now I guess this my goodbye, and I hope you all have fun playing this game, while it’s still alive.
~Skipper233 aka Iplaychess
Signing off

16 Responses

  1. plzzz dont retire skipper233 we neeed u to stay and help us get to the top of the place i work at which is the cpac

  2. Goodbye man *sniff*

  3. Bye Skip! Good Luck!

  4. Thanks for your service, Skip! I hope you sometimes check in on us to see how ACP is doing!

  5. I wish you the best of luck in life and in any of your future endeavors. Take care bud.

  6. You will be missed by many Skipper, its really astonishing that a soldier from ACP’s early years went this far. That is what you call loyalty at its finest! Thanks for the laughs Skipper, though I have a foggy memory of you being an aquantance many years ago, I am glad that I seen you this year.

    Thank you Skipper for your 7-8 years of service to ACP!

  7. You were a good soldier. As it always is, it sucks to see you go. But hey, you’ll still be around for a little bit. Good luck in life and have a good one.

  8. bye lol

  9. Bai Skipper, you were a great troop under every leadership. I think you can take your knowledge from cp (blogging & recording) and do something good with it c:
    Bai son.

  10. OH MAN oh man YOU’VE been on CP for 9 BLOODY YEARS?


    You’ve gotta be one of the oldest people in CP armies, you’ve been such a loyal troop and it’s a shame to not see you be an owner (you deserve it!). But you know what, it doesn’t even matter whether you got owner or not because you’ll be remembered as a loyal and awesome troop! Thank you for staying in ACP and for being so devoted. You’re a rare kind of troop, who is very patient and has been in ACP for a while, I like those kind of people. You’ve served this army well, and you’ve served this army very well under me and Fluffy’s leadership which we are obviously thankful for 😛
    Good luck in the future, and be groovy!
    ~Yer mother who is for some reason younger than you, Purp

  11. Skipper it was great Having you just to let you know Dont Bump into angry german Kid. take that peice of advice and go on with your Life. If you ever feel bored and have nothing to do Come visit us We wiill always remember you as the oldest ACP troop ever.
    P.S im the angry german kid

  12. Skipper,
    I have known you for only about a few months now, and we were great friends as it lasted. Its sad to see you go, most loyal troopers like you are found rarely i mean staying in ACP for 9 years? that deserves some respect even though i had some fights with you, we were friends. its a shame you retired before 3ic, you served this army well my friend you were active, loyal and gretted new troopers what else could a leader want? Good luck in the future Skipper you will always be remembered in the heart of ACP
    Good bye
    Best regards ~Ryan
    Pie bros ❤

  13. Good luck Skipper!~Andy

  14. Thanks you guys, keep on improving the army and remember…..

    March on! :mrgreen:

  15. Good luck Skipper you were a great troop for ACP and very loyal

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