US Re-invasion of Snow Fort

Hello ACP!


Today we logged on to Snow Fort to cleanse the server of any remaining resistance. None showed up to defend, of course. We maxed 14 and averaged around 12-13. As the event went on, the size never decreased, but went up. Pretty solid event. The size was pretty good, but the tactics need some work. Make sure to recruit as much as you guys can, that is key. Also, promotions are coming soon! If you want to increase your chance of getting promoted and decrease the chance of getting demoted, make sure to stay active and attend events! Read on for the pictures of the event.

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My Simple Leave

When I returned to ACP, I simply planned to be a temporary leader until Bam’s return. In the end it turned out that he retired and Sidie and I had to take the helm. I managed to be pretty active for the first week of my leadership, and we got through a war with RPF and were 6th in the Top 10 for my first week. We then ended up getting 9th the next week after an annoying war with SWAT in which they claimed victory every time. Anyhow, in the past week, my life has been insanely busy, I have made two events this entire week, and I doubt I will get less busy. With all the stuff going on in my current life, I do not believe I can be an efficient leader for the ACP. I do not want to hog the rank, and I know ACP will soon pass the torch to someone capable and strong.

Do not lose hope ACP. I will be watching, and if I’m not busy I might stop by and lend a hand at an event or two.

Remember, the greatest leaders rise in the darkest times. If you’re the next one, rise above and take what’s yours.

[AUSIA] Gendarmerie Training 21/08/15


Greetings ACP!

The AUSIA division logged onto a 2 bar to have a training session and maxed 19. We also have a new recruit! Please welcome Dj Yolo to the ACP! I’m in a rush right now so I’ll just get to the pictures. Well done today!

acpevent52 e7

More pictures to be added soon.

Comment if you attended!


Ƈσммαηɗєя Sιɗιє [vex]

ACP Leader

Remembering Our Allies

Last week, we followed in the footsteps of an old ally.

In 2012, the Global Defenders army, under the leadership of Pungy1234, waged war on the Special Weapons and Tactics army, deploying their troops from the server Outback into SWAT territory.

Yesterday, the SWAT’s “Power Alliance” crumbled as the Doritos crushed them beneath their feet, and their leader abandoned them. Their army has been left in despair once more.

Take a moment to thank the Doritos for coming to our aid and crushing the Power Alliance by themselves, and take a moment to remember our dead ally’s campaign to destroy one of our historical enemies.