My Simple Leave

When I returned to ACP, I simply planned to be a temporary leader until Bam’s return. In the end it turned out that he retired and Sidie and I had to take the helm. I managed to be pretty active for the first week of my leadership, and we got through a war with RPF and were 6th in the Top 10 for my first week. We then ended up getting 9th the next week after an annoying war with SWAT in which they claimed victory every time. Anyhow, in the past week, my life has been insanely busy, I have made two events this entire week, and I doubt I will get less busy. With all the stuff going on in my current life, I do not believe I can be an efficient leader for the ACP. I do not want to hog the rank, and I know ACP will soon pass the torch to someone capable and strong.

Do not lose hope ACP. I will be watching, and if I’m not busy I might stop by and lend a hand at an event or two.

Remember, the greatest leaders rise in the darkest times. If you’re the next one, rise above and take what’s yours.

7 Responses

  1. RIP Alb
    You did all you could.

  2. Goodbye. See you soon 😦
    – Elites Leader –

  3. Goodbye Alb. See you soon.
    – Elites Leader –

  4. Lol Good job Albaro, at least you tried.

  5. The ACP has suffered many times, during it’s nine years. Although this is pretty much, the longest it has suffer, things will get better. We all just need to step it up, and work as a team, leaders, owners, mods needs to try another source, and try to take everyone’s idea on how to become strong (if they have one) and put them together, to make it work. Even retires them self can work together, great leaders like Flen, Boomer, Flipmoo and the others, could loom back when they were leader, and try to find somewhere around it, where it can work at this time.

    I will try to make a new penguin soon, and when I get it a membership to buy the stuff from the Clothes store, i’ll try to help out in events, when I can. You guys are family to me. 🙂

  6. i

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