Getting to know troops: 4

getting to know troops


Welcome to another post of this series alot has happened since the last one first of all, skippers retirement. Skipper233 has been in ACP for about 9 years now he deserves some respect and a shoutout in this post. So today i decided to interview….


Me: Blue

Aeropros: Green

Me: Whats your favourite part about ACP?

Aeropros: The troops you get to meet here. Its so diverse and everyone has a story to tell, xD. Its just a really good social interaction i like.

Me: Now some questions about yourself!

Me: Whats your favourite food

Aeropros: My favourite food has to be chinese food, due to the fact its really salty in flavour. Orange chicken and chowmein. I atleast all those stuff everyday. Thats the reason i got no money XP.

Me: Whats your favourite drink

Aeropros: Pepsi i drink 3 everyday and im in love with it.

Me: Whats your favourite tv show?

Aerorpos: Lol its gotta be spongebob the original seasons. the newer episodes are more ugly and cringy.

Me: Whats your favourite movie

Aeropros: Its a tie with back to the future and spongebob the movie. Both are great to watch i watch them every friday, i call them “Bymyself movienight”

Me: Whats your favourite color

Aeropros: Green

Me: Do you like how CP is progressing these days?

Aeropros: CP is a joke and it will never recover

Me: Thanks for the interview 😀

Aeropros: Np

That is all for this month stay tuned next month bye!

7 Responses

  1. Grooo-vay post Ryan! Seems like one of my favourite foods is Aeropo’s favourite food! CHINESE FOOD FOREVAH!!!

  2. Woo go Aero

  3. 8 years but ok

  4. tofu forever

  5. Who Aero I remember this guy.

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