An Unexpected PB With RPF!


We were going to annex Arctic today but it turns out RPF got there before us by a couple of hours, so we turned this into a practice battle instead! After a hard fought battle, both sides agreed it was a tie. ACP held the upper hand at the Ice Berg but we didn’t do as well at the Pool. Many troops had connection problems during the battle which is why our sizes fluctuated a lot. We maxed 17 or so and averaged 15 which is decent though not as good as yesterday. Our sizes went down a bit at the pool due to some connection problems, mostly with UK troops. Our tactics were okay, sometimes they were extremely good and sometimes they were meh. Here are the pictures and there are more below!





Overall, we did alright today, but as always, we are the ACP and we can always do better!

Comment if you came!

~Kenneth1000, ACP Leader (Temp)

9 Responses

  1. Sir that was an awesome battle. Sir!

  2. I came !:D

  3. I came

  4. camezies and im addin on pics!

  5. I came

  6. I made it. It was a good event, good job guys!

  7. I came! My first real battle and I was impressed!! Good job ACP 😆 keep it up!!!

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