The New Fails of the Week!


So some people told me I should post some fails again so these are are fails I have chosen to post this week! The last one might surprise you! I hope you get a good laugh! Remember to comment with which one you think is the funniest out of them all!

Looks like the hammer broke while trying to pull out a nail!

Former ACP Leader Bam117 illustrates his driving skills in the fail above.

Above is King Mondo and friends fooling around.

And last but not least, the final fail of the week is…

For failing to empty the ACP site’s spam folder properly when ordered…Congrats Trader!

Which one is the funniest? Comment with your thoughts!

-Kenneth1000, ACP Leader (Temp)

6 Responses

  1. LOL. 4th one imo

  2. Definitely the last one! Haha sorry Trader 😆!!

  3. The last one was hilarious.

  4. the first one was me blowing my bday cake

  5. The last one was LMAO. I actually laughed irl, when i saw it. xD

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