Statement Regarding the NDA

The ACP will not be participating on any side of the conflict between the New Dawn Alliance and the Water Vikings unless another statement is posted saying otherwise, and will have no involvement in any war efforts against armies of either side. The ACP will be under an isolationist policy for now.

– The ACP Administration

ACP Recap #76 13-19 August

Click HERE for last year’s recap post and Click HERE for the-year-before-last-year’s post!

Groovy greetings, ACP! Purp here and welcome to my ACP recap where I summarize ACP’s week. The tactic ratings, the sizes, the whoooole package. Because.. why not? Could help one day!

Anyway, how’s it goin’? Good? Then GREAT!¬†Bad? Then Aw.

AND HEY! In other news I just noticed that my 100th ACP Recap will be in half a year. March 2016, I’M COMIN’ FOR YA! Aw yes, it’s going to be around my birthday.

Anyway here’s all the poll stuff you want. Happy reading!



ACP’s favourite book genre: ADVENTURE!

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Wednesday’s AUSIA Tactic Session

Hey ACP, Purp here and this post was unfortunately forgotten in the drafts by me and as I checked the top ten and saw that AUSIA apparently had no events, I just thought ‘OH DEAR GOD…’ so here. On Wednesday, the AUSIA force had a little tactic session with some of CPWorld’s bots who came for some darn reason. We maxed 12 and averaged 9-10 but there’s no pic of us having 12. VEX I HOPE YOU HAVE SOME GOOD PICS TOO! Anyway, our tactics weren’t so bad so that was alright. Good job to everyone who came and read more for the pics.

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