ACP Promotions August 2015

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It is time for promotions again! Click read more!

If you feel you were unfairly demoted or if you did not receive a promotion, comment below with your username on why you should get a promotion.


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Decent Job Today!


Today we did decently on Breeze for our UK/USA event maxing 13 and averaging 11 troops on. We started off at the Town before moving to the Beach. The tactics were good in the beginning but they must be improved on. The chat size was 20 people at the time of the event. Good job owners for trying to hype up the event. Here are the pictures courtesy of Purpleslime!

Comment if you made it, tomorrow is promotions!

~Kenneth1000 ACP Leader (Temp)

Events for the Week August 31st – September 5th


Salutations ACP,

As you probably heard, ACP got 9th on the CPAC top ten after being in 6th the week before. We can get back in the top 5 and rise higher and higher, it’s certainly possible. But we can only achieve that if we all work together and do our share[and more is always encouraged] in the army. The ACP has fallen before, but we have always pressed on forward with courage and determination. We must hold the pride of being an ACP soldier, keep it close and work together to over come the hardships that stand in our way. And as I stated before, we can only do it together.

♣We are now aiming for 20+ soldiers for each event. If we surpass our goal[s], special prizes/temps will be given out!♣

→Today’s events!←

❗ Ulead [AUSIA] ❗

When: Saturday September 5th

Server: To be announced


7:30AM EST

6:30AM CST

5:30AM MST

4:30AM PST

12:30PM GMT

8:30PM JST

5:00PM IST

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