ACP Promotions August 2015

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If you feel you were unfairly demoted or if you did not receive a promotion, comment below with your username on why you should get a promotion.





Army || Navy || Air Force


US-O10 insignia.svgGeneralUS-O10 insignia.svg

Sidie9/Vexillarius | Kenneth1000 (Temp)

US-O9 insignia.svg Lieutenant GeneralUS-O9 insignia.svg

Capnryan11 | Super Edwin | Maxy777 | Trader

US-O8 insignia.svgMajor GeneralUS-O8 insignia.svg

King Mondo | Fluffyboy3 | Wenny

US-O7 insignia.svgBrigadier GeneralUS-O7 insignia.svg

Superhero123, Chainpro, Noka, Max43810, Zach 11, Skyfish, Blazer

US-O6 insignia.svgColonelUS-O6 insignia.svg


US-O5 insignia.svgLieutenant Colonel US-O5 insignia.svg

 ACP Zoomey, Cul

US-O4 insignia.svgMajorUS-O4 insignia.svg

 Nhojaxon7,  KathyWaffy, Tentennyson, Burn, Elsa/Lolly17, Andy12e44

US-O3 insignia.svg Captain US-O3 insignia.svg

Legoboy612 (Andy), Percy Jacks2, Critica, ELchango21l, Silkroad13, Roleplayfan3, Jaisick/Zayn, Chatman999, Sonic, Sakr18

US-O2 insignia.svg Lieutenant US-O2 insignia.svg

 Peeps80, Luke0457, Elvis86750, Gtfive, Blazer, Starboi414, Peter9977, Antwerp001, Buggins Will,  Jedi4590Daisy67540, Larry857

Warrant Officer

Ha65Henrio, Jenkins23, Penguino779, Sparky DogBananaman14, Jimstyle,  A1710, Jacksonstar1, Super Channel

Army-USA-OR-09c.svgSergeant Major Army-USA-OR-09c.svg

Lemonjello1, Blueicespark, Bobrocks9000,   Free Dude 15, Gagili, Jt812, Sonic46117, Roggy83, Justin

First Sergeant

Wobble1586, Hi hi 235, TheRobot221Thundazz, aditya567 

Master Sergeant

Crash1092, Swimy1998, Gumdrop1105, Ninjaarmy233, Tape2222Mialolipop1Jude

Army-USA-OR-07.svg Sergeant First Class Army-USA-OR-07.svg

American406, BryanboSallie, PenguinChipLolliepop117Froogz,  Louie76533, Jadeee35, Diezlbudoy

Army-USA-OR-06.svg Staff Sergeant Army-USA-OR-06.svg

Omega43, Bcguy33, Donald95Powerdude3,
, Centaur17
, PokePaw,
 Jimmy303, M0k3r2/Moki101. Jeremy353  

Army-USA-OR-05.svg Sergeant Army-USA-OR-05.svg

Elvis86750,  Blake, JadeIcethomas B1, Seth/Chat Inspector, Moonman Rock, Fisher Man3, Agentgreen95Maximilian70, Sammy Adams, Kittyfashion101Bigpengx11x, Floatypeng, Munkee45, MrBloo, Salt Penguin, Billy idol1/Clade, SpinisterAshsPikachu, Chester223, Arnie20, Cupcake 1705

Army-USA-OR-04a.svg Corporal Army-USA-OR-04a.svg

Cassondra106, SwaymgodGreenM4nShadow22712, Zeroman20Blueicespark, R15596, AgentBeast6,Bobyo500Cool Guy Fry, Roswaldo, Manny163, Awesommen64, Coffeecups24, BellabellieI Love Kanye, CpcutekittySt Patrick 73, Raawi, Muimuimui, Bobbo1884

Private First Class

Agent 47 2, NinjaGoIsCol, Chainy6845, Shorty05020, Manny25345Club, Fishsalad21, Magic Man963COOLGIRL6, SpikeyDaPuffle, Fedy1, Cassondra106


 VanpaulAcp, Lucki, Justin89205,Chief118, Beastboy8241, Yashoo, Penbuddy2721, Djrq11, Fedy1, Munkee45

Army-USA-OR-02.svg Private Army-USA-OR-02.svg

Amber34155,  Cateat, Seth96994Ninja Emma, Bigtasty6, Ninja LaurenCutiepie, Kennyz, Devushka 2, Scottih, Golf59872QueenAnnie5547, Sugarlump31,  Sugarwizard, Rahul Bunni, Mario26066, Nintendo342Marcos (dorian 2999)Fuzbuket, Evildance, Cammy313, LoonyMoony, Jordanray06, Cm1026, Annakyle1, Jackiechan07, Jack_14, FandumbTrash, Gia Girl1980, Abby238, Taste556, Sweet443, Mg 124, Nolle Star0, Kylar09, Lolcrowley, Benhenry8, Pingy235, FandumbTrash, LordNinja449, Ella, Maple Breeze, Mangle13, Marbles115Funnyblue170, Santa Cars, Miami3831, Sunshine3035, Devin5094, Funkid56, Jacobtk Bruinfan, Jaystarthecat, Crystallake4, WhyzguyBlueDoesBlue, HarryGoodboynot, Granter30, Mario26066, Wafflekitten, GornachHobseh, Pinky12857, Kittygirl81, Hospot111, Amit7, Ducker007, Stuck24, Coldbird1, Stampyfan246, Arthurka2200, Crazycat78Bob82386, Fudge Girl99, Gemzstahh2, Dylo02, Rainbowsaur, Rednoodles3, Aditya Goyal, Pransh11, Itsnear, Dipanshu, Eshaan 006, Hotspot111, Rowly15, Ekansh Ansh1, Stellastr19, Dj9112, Natrox2003, Pilotpen1, Pccats, Reddy42427, DarthArtic14, Melissa31407, Mj113 strikey peng, Ayaan12


Creator: Oagalthorp

Constables: Boomer 20, Shaboomboom

ACP Sniper: Noka8


4 Responses

  1. Yay i didnt get promoted

    Srsly, well done if you did 😀

  2. Thanks for the promotion! Fear the clover

  3. Congratulations to everyone who got promoted.

  4. Congratsies everyone who got promoted!

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