US Training/Recruiting Session

Salutations ACP!

Today we logged on to Flurry and decided to have a mixed tactic and recruiting session. Remember those? To be honest recruiting sessions were never gone. Maybe they are fading, but they still occur. Anyway, we maxed 12 and averaged 11. Our tactics were pretty solid throughout the event. After doing tactics at the berg for most of the event, we went to the town and then to the forts to chant some recruiting lines and do a few tactics. What I find extremely funny is that when we got to the berg it was empty, and then after we did some tactics a lot of rogues suddenly started flowing into the room and checking out our line.

Overall, nice event today. The size was pretty good and our tactics were amazing. Make sure to recruit and stay active! Read on for the pictures!

What a tactic. This must have been our best tactic in a while. Reminds me of when armies were prospering constantly.

Size picture: 12

Almost perfect tactic. Still nice though.

Again, great tactics. Lets work on those sizes now. Make sure you all constantly recruit as much as you can and spread the word about us!



Still Living on and Prospering

-A tribute to Leonard Nemoy-

7 Responses

  1. Great results post. Better than Trader’s by a significant margin. 10/10

  2. Good recruiting session soldiers. Made it.

  3. Good event, gj everyone

    -Andy (Legoboy612)

  4. I was there!! Keep it up guys, let’s aim to do even better!😉😄

  5. I was there!!

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