Saturday Night Unscheduled Event On Breeze!


So today we had an unscheduled event to make up for the event we had to cancel earlier and this event turned out to be one of the best events this week! We maxed 12 at this event! Thank you Mchappy for encouraging us and Mustapha for helping out! Trader led this event and he did quite a good job with giving orders! The tactics turned out awesomely! The pictures are below!

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[US/UK] U-Lead’s results

Greetings, ACP.  

Today, we logged onto Breeze to have a U-lead session, we maxed eleven. Most of are tactics were good however a few could of been improved which we’ll aim for next time. The people who got an opportunity to lead in today’s event did a fantastic job at giving out orders. Click read more for the pictures. Credit to Zoomey and Mondo for taking the pictures.

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Returning To The Alliance

Today at 12:55 AM EST,  ACP has officially returning to the New Dawn Alliance after extensive thought by our leaders.

More information will be released soon.