Hello, ACP!

Today we logged on the server Breeze and had a U-lead session!

Thank you to all of the troops and people who helped lead the event, the tactics were amazing and size was decent!

We maxed 16 and averaged 14 at the event. Size can definitely be improved but overall it was a good event!

Comment if you attended!

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[AUSIA] War Training 9/09/15


Greetings ACP.

Today we logged onto Breeze for our first AUSIA event of the week, a training session. We had a steady size of 10-11 throughout the whole event while we marched through the town and the forts respectively. Tactics need a little bit of improvement, and even though the event was slightly disappointing we didn’t do too badly. Well done ACP, and thank you to those who came.

acpevent55 em

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