ACP Games Night Fun On Breeze!

Hey ACP!

Tonight we had a lot of fun on Breeze playing games such as Find Four and Sled Racing! We first went playing Find Four where ACP soldiers tried to beat me in the game for a reward of temp mod. Unfortunately, none of the members succeeded in beating me, the only person to beat me was Mr Burns, an ACP mod (I rekted him 2 times later though LOL). Even your 3ic King Mondo failed so don’t be disappointed! Click to read more!

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Club penguin Cheat codes // Updates # 1

Hello there!

Welcome to a new series! Which includes Club penguin codes Updates, Polls and alot of funny pictures be sure to share them with your friends!

Are you new to Club penguin? Looking for some codes? Needing some coins to buy items?

You came to the right place!, lets start with the cheat codes!

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Happy birthday Noka8!


Today this post was to celebrate the 19th birthday of Noka8!. Noka has been around since club penguin for a few years now. He has rejoined ACP multiple times and is now serving ACP as a 4ic!!!!

Below are the noble words of Noka8

Vote Donald trump 2016

The current ACP leader was made a member by Noka8