Club penguin Cheat codes // Updates # 1

Hello there!

Welcome to a new series! Which includes Club penguin codes Updates, Polls and alot of funny pictures be sure to share them with your friends!

Are you new to Club penguin? Looking for some codes? Needing some coins to buy items?

You came to the right place!, lets start with the cheat codes!

Coin codes

JUNNLR11 500 coins

MMCODE11 500 coins

MMCODE13 2500 coins

Together 500 coins

REDBEARS 500 coins

EPFRULES 500 coins

DRILLOFF 500 coins

HADDOCK7 500 coins

PIZZAS64 500 coins

BALASKAI 500 coins

PINTAR13 500 coins

SILVER21 500 coins

Clothing codes

FERIASCP Hiking bag pack + Laptop + 500 coins

MONKEY4U Monkey coustume

PASCUA15 Chocolate bunny ears

YOURGIFT Merry walrus medal

DOZHDIK1 Cloudy umrella

2BEHEARD Orange Shirt + Megaphone + 500 coins

FILMFEST Fairy wings

ORGULHO5 Brazil party hat

VETEMENT Purple hoodie

PUMPKIN1 Pumpkin head

MMCODE12 Guitar shirt


Many updates are taken place every thrusday the one which you are about to review was currently taken on September 10.

After the end of the Fashion party club penguin moves on to the…

Decendants party!

Not many of the people enjoyed the Fashion party but did you? Tell me in the poll below! Club penguin has been doing very decent through the very beginning of 2015 many people have been hoping for a new party with all new Coustumes, Cool outfits for non members and last but not least The Shadow party. Club penguin have been trying to add the Shadow party for months! but due to the updates on tablet and mobile devices they are unable to add the shadow party very soon. 

When you log on to club penguin you get a free background by the fashion designer herself!


Have you noticed?

When you enter the clothes shop the normal music which was used approximently till august has been changed to a new dubstep song



^ RIP that apple

Club penguin has removed the old non member items from the catalog and replaced them with freshly new items! be sure to get them 😉 Rare new items were added during the Fashion party be sure to check them out before club penguin updates the catalog!!!

Pin Tracker

Previous Pin

Room: Forts

Latest Pin: No pin updated yet

That is all for this week be sure to leave a comment below!

Anything that i missed? leave a comment containing the whole guide!

Note: Thank you Purp for the header

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  1. great post ryan!

  2. Snow white took the bite out of that apple. Disney princess takeover would be the only greatest takeover.

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