Defense of Bean Bag Results?!


So at about 8:50 PM EST, the ACP was called by our trusty allies the DCP to help defend one of their servers from a small army called SN. The SN did not expect for DCP or ACP to come, but we came to defend our DCP brethren while they are busy. We maxed 12 on this event and by the looks of the pictures, there is no doubt ACP won this one.

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[US] Invasion of Ice Pack [Results]

Invasion of Ice Pack

Hello ACP, today we invaded the server Ice Pack. The event was not great by any means, tactics are okay, size was bad. We need to work on this and get better everyday. Come on ACP, Let’s rise.

Size Max: 10

Size Average: 10

Tactic Ranking: 7.5/10

Clover Power

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[AUSIA] Mining Expedition/Recruiting Session 15/09/15


Greetings ACP!

Today we logged on for a mining expedition to recruit new soldiers on the server Blizzard at the ice berg. We managed to gather 27 green miners during our quest to tip the berg. Tomorrow the AUSIA division will be invading Ice Cave as a part of Operation Broken Steel, so make sure to come if you can!acpevent57 size2

acpevent57 e1

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