Cobras Invasion INVALID

Cobras has posted an invasion of ACP Server Snow Fort

The Invasion is invalid because Cobras posted the wrong times on site (6:30 PM IST is actually 9:00 AM EST, not 8:00 AM). This may be on purpose just to throw us off, but it’s still invalid due to no 24 hour notice of valid times.



MAXED 6. Mullet has now been added to the ever-expanding ACP Empire. Decent work today ACP, but we need to improve our recruiting, a LOT.

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MAX: 7

Dry Ice captured, it is now a part of the growing ACP Empire. Comment if you attended!

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[AUSIA] Swift Annexation of Ice Cave 16/09/15

Edit: In other news, we have officially signed a treaty with the Puffle Attack army and have received the server Winterland.

acp-puffle attack treaty


Greetings ACP!

Today we logged on to annex the Rain Force server Winterland and succeeded flawlessly. We only logged on for a short time, maxing 12-11 and averaging 10. We didn’t do too well but we’ll do much better tomorrow, as I was busy for much of the time before the event. Tomorrow we’re defending the server Snow Fort, so make sure you can come! 😀

acpevent58 ek

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Warning To Cobra

Your invasion of Snow Fort attempts to annex official ACP territory. Any attempt to take our land will be viewed as a hostility and could provoke war efforts. I am unaware if you know that the server belongs to us, but if you do remember that your forces will be matched will full retaliation.