wpid-jhqx6xn.pngToday’s events 

❗ [UK]Training Session ❗ 

When: 21st September

Server: To be announced (TBA)


8:00PM GMT 

3:00PM EST

2:00PM CST

1:00PM MST

12:00PM PST 

❗ [US] Defence of Dry Ice ❗ 

When: 21st September

Server: Dry Ice


8:00PM EST

7:00PM CST

6:00PM MST

5:00PM PST

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Stepping Back Down To Captain



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ACP Recap #79 13-19 September

Click HERE for last year’s recap and HERE for the year before last year’s post!

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Groovy greetings to you all, ACP and other people from other armies and welcome to my ACP RECAP #79! Eurgh, 79, what a boring number. Hey, you know what? Let’s look it up and see if it means anything or perhaps if it has some symbolic thing or something…

‘Number 79 is made up of the energies and attributes of number 7 and number 9. Number 7 resonates with the vibrations of your divine life purpose and soul mission, intuition and inner-wisdom, endurance and persistence of purpose, spiritual enlightme-‘

Uh…. well there you have it folks! 79! Number 79, people! *claps*… wtf….

Anyways, let’s begin with all the normal poll stuff before the read more part. Time to embrace your weekly dose of slimey-weirdness, DO IT!

Results from last poll of the week:

Poll of the week:

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