US Recruiting Session


Today we logged on for a considerably short recruiting session on CP. We maxed 21 and averaged around 15-16. The people seemed to be very attracted and many decided to join in. The event was shorter today since a lot of people are busy with school on this fine Wednesday. If you do have so much homework that you can’t log on at all, then make sure you make it up in recruiting or something else. Talk to an owner about it for more information. If you have homework, be sure to get it done before or after the event so you can be ready for the next one. Overall, not a bad event, but we can do better. Since the event was short, we weren’t able to take many pictures.  Read on for the rest of the post!

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Red VS Blue Winner: Blue Team [Led by Max43810]

Maxed: Around 15

Description: This was an excellent and extremely fun snowball battle which made a nice change of pace to the events. Keep doing good in events and I’ll make sure I schedule more of these.


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ACP UK Recruiting Event 22/09/2015

Hey ACP!

Here is the video from the UK recruiting event yesterday! Great job to all troops who attended! The rise is now! 😉

March On! ~Max43810

ACP 3rd in Command

[AUSIA] Recruiting Session 23/09/15


Greetings ACP!

Today we logged onto Blizzard for our scheduled recruiting session at the plaza. We did pretty well, we maxed 14-15 and averaged 12 with decent tactics. I lost some of our pictures but I managed to salvage some pretty good ones to put into the post. Thank you to those who logged on :D.

 acpevent60 e7 2

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