[UK] Thursday Invasion of Glacier Results

Hey ACP!

Today we did excellently at the UK divison invasion of the server Glacier! We maxed 15 and averaged 11-13 throughout the event, which took place in the Town, Snow Forts and Cove! We also had awesome tactics, with all troops participating quickly and efficiently! Awesome job today – thanks to Zoomey and Twilight for taking pictures!

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[AUSIA] Victory Against RPF 24/09/15


Greetings ACP!

Today we versed the RPF and some DW troops in a fun PB on the server Ice Berg. We had troops of 10-13 for most of the battle, and we had a lot of fun at the berg and used some role-play elements during the battle for the hell of it. We pushed them from the forts to the berg, where we finally surrounded them and claimed victory. We did pretty well ACP! Thank you to Max and Trader for helping out with leading :mrgreen:. Read more for pictures!

acpeventfun acpvsrpf

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