US Recruiting Session


Today, we logged on to the server White Out for a recruiting session which was later announced as a result of Aqua Vikings going on lock down, thus resulting in no practice battle materializing. We had a pretty fun event with many people joining in our line and doing tactics. We decided to turn the event into a mining expedition after a little thought. We maxed about 18 and averaged around 15-16. I loved the effort people were putting in today and I really hope it continues. If we keep these increasingly strong performances up there will be a lot of promotions and rewards for all the effort. Read on for the pics.  Continue reading

[UK] Camping Event Results!

Hey ACP!

Today we logged onto the server Blizzard for our UK ‘camping’ event, scheduled by Maxy earlier this week. This event was great fun and took place in the Cove, although it turned into a semi-recruiting event as more people became interested. We maxed 11 at this event and averaged 8, a decent size taking into consideration the current state of things. Great job today ACP UK division!

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