US Recruiting Session


Today, we logged on to the server White Out for a recruiting session which was later announced as a result of Aqua Vikings going on lock down, thus resulting in no practice battle materializing. We had a pretty fun event with many people joining in our line and doing tactics. We decided to turn the event into a mining expedition after a little thought. We maxed about 18 and averaged around 15-16. I loved the effort people were putting in today and I really hope it continues. If we keep these increasingly strong performances up there will be a lot of promotions and rewards for all the effort. Read on for the pics. 

I was having a hard time taking pictures since it was lagging a lot thus making me miss the opportunities to get pics. So thanks to Sidie for them.

I expect to see continual improvement not only in the army as a whole, but in yourselves as individuals, because ACP isn’t the only thing growing; when you help ACP grow, you grow as a soldier. NEVER STOP FIGHTING.

One Response

  1. I made it to the event, and I believe we actually maxed around 22 or so.
    Had great fun, we are getting better! USA force for the win!
    ~Sergeant Tamiyami

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