[UK/US] Practice Battle vs. Water Vikings + Soccer Match RESULTS!

Hey ACP!

Today our UK and USA forces combined logged onto the 1-bar Water Viking capital server Frostbite, for a late-notice practice battle. The battle took place at the Snow Forts and Dojo, where we maxed 11 with some decent tactics. We then went to the Stadium for a Blue vs. Green soccer match, where unfortunately the Water Vikings won with a score of 7-2!

The following is a video of the event, including the soccer match afterwards! Enjoy!

The music got muted so I will fix this for my next video.

March On! ~Max43810

ACP 3rd in Command

[AUSIA] War Training on Breeze 26/09/15


Greetings ACP!

Today we logged onto Breeze for a training session (even though we were meant to have a recruiting session) and did decently. We had a size of 12-13 constantly with averagely done tactics. We could have done better, but it’s not too bad. Tomorrow we might be fighting the RPF AUSIA division with 2007 style warfare, so watch out for that if you think you might come!

acpevent61 e9

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