[USA] Recruiting Session on [Slushy]

Hello ACP, Today we had a recruiting session on Slushy, not much to say about it, we maxed 11, “okay” tactics. We can do better. Overall it was a good event, thank you to those who helped and came.

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[UK] Friday Practice Battle vs. Dark Warriors RESULTS!

Hey ACP!

Today our UK division had our very first practice battle under the new UK leadership (Maxy, Edwin and myself), in which we proved that the hard work is paying off! We did decently at this event – maxing and averaging a solid size of 11 troops! Although we have plenty to work on, this is a great start for the UK division and we will only improve ourselves from this point! Don’t forget the all important Champions Cup Round 1 battle this SUNDAY, promotions and other prizes will be given out – so be sure to attend! 😛

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