[USA] March of White Out! [Results]

[USA] March of White Out! [Results]

Hello ACP! Today we had a great event on White Out it was fun for everybody and was really good, we maxed [ 15 ]. We first started out in Town and gained a few penguins! We then marched to Snow Forts and lost a few penguins, but we also gained some! After that we continued our trip to the Plaza, gaining a lot of penguins. Our last destination was the Highway.


ACP in Town! Our first destination! [E-1 and E-2 tactic]


[2] ACP in Town! our first destination [Clover Trooper word tactic]


[3] ACP in Town! Our first destination [J [jokes] tactic]


ACP marches to Forts! Our second destination! 


ACP in Forts! Our second destination [E-F tactic]


ACP in Plaza! Our third destination [Hello tactic]

One Response

  1. I came 🙂
    ~Sergeant Tamiyami

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