[AUSIA] Successful Patrol of Breeze! 10/10/15

Hello ACP!

We logged onto Breeze today for a training/patrol session. We started in the town, then moved to the ice rink and then ended in the forts! We had a constant size of 12-15 throughout the entire event which isn’t too bad, and had 24 people on chat. We could have done much better in terms of size and tactics if people weren’t AFK during the event, so make sure to attend if you’re online. Otherwise, I’d say the event was pretty successful and we can only get stronger from here on :mrgreen:.

acpeventausia2acpeventausia size

acpeventausia e2acpeventausia e9acpeventausia eiacpeventausia em  –

Comment if you came!

xaticon lelouch2

Ƈσммαηɗєя Sιɗιє [vex]

ACP Leader

3 Responses

  1. i came & great job ACP!

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