Hello ACP! Today we had a Recruiting Session on the server Slushy! We maxed 25 and averaged about 20 the whole event! Great job ACP, thanks to everybody who attended the event and helped out! Clover Power

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UK Recruiting results

Greetings, ACP! 

Today, the UK force logged onto Ice Berg for a quick recruiting session followed with a bit of training where we maxed eighteen which is a decent size however let’s try to aim for bigger and better sizes throughout the week, UK! Our tactics were mostly decent with some needing improving.  Carry on reading for pictures provided by Zoomey.

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ACP Recap #82 4-10 October

Click HERE for my 2 year old ACP Recap!

 photo ACPRecap1_zpswulmdpcj.png

Groovy greetings ACP! It’s Purp here. Just kidding, I’m not Purpleslime4.. I’m just Purple’s thyme.

Just kidding again. FOR I AM….

The penguin burger-thing?!?! From Slime’s 2 year old ACP recap post!??! Ah. Well. This went the wrong direction.


Yeah, yeah. Welcome to my ACP recap blah blah blah. I HAVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK TO DO- INTRODUCTION POST? NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!! Well, I did spend my time making the pics above…. eh….bad time organisation! Look, just.. just get on with it.

Poll results from last week

Poll of the week!


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Events of the week [10/11/2015-10/18/15]

Hello Everyone!

Two weeks ago, we fell one spot to 7th after being in 6th. Now we are back to 6th place, and this next week, we all should be on our best game. We should now be solidifying our quality and events as well as maintaining our sizes. The Champions Cup Round 3 will be this weekend, and it is EXTREMELY important I tell you. There’s about a week for us to prepare for the huge battle. As you probably have noticed already, my graphics are flashy and colorful, thus dictating the importance of the tournament battles.

Anyway, our goals for the week should mainly be to work on size and tactics/strategy. It is very important for us to become stronger as soldiers and people so we can fight and not have any complications in the field, minimizing casualties. The leaders are very proud of everyone in ACP seeing as we have done really well in the past two weeks. However, we must push on! There does not need to be a cool down time, excluding the gaps between events of course, and off days. Lets have an awesome week!

~*Note: “TBA” or “TBD” mean that the server will be announced on chat.~