Hello ACP! Today we took a break from the regular events and went on a 5 bar and had a duck party with a bunch of other penguins! The event was really cool and very interesting! It was fun and everybody seemed to enjoy it! We will definitely be doing more events like this. Most of the ducks were red and yellow at first. But in the end the Green ducks demolished the red and yellow penguins! Maxed 24, averaged 18. 

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UK Champions Cup Training

Hello, ACP. 

Today,  the UK division logged onto Breeze for a short  training sessionin preparation for the Champions Cup. We maxed twelve and just about every tactic was perfect which was amazing to see, let’s carry on with that during and after the Champions Cup. Carry on reading for pictures provided by Max, Zoomey, Elsa and Ag.

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CPAC Champions Cup Battle vs. Navy Troopers – TIMES & PRIZES

Hey ACP!

The last battle of this Champions Cup Group stages will see us fight against the Navy Troopers, after a win and tie over our last two opponents. For us to continue through to the Quarter Final rounds, we must either draw or win this battle!

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