Hello ACP! Today we had another DUCK PARTY on White out! Took another break from training or regular recruiting events and had a bunch of people wear duck suits! We started out in Town getting sizes of 14-15. We then moved to Cove getting a maxed size of 24. We started dropping size as we moved around. But we kept size at a constant 12-19. Great job today!

Note: (Pictures don’t have tactics in them because lightshot took 3-5 minutes to load and nobody could get a picture FIX LIGHTSHOT :(!)

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[UK] Parade of Breeze & Tactics Training Results

Hey ACP!

Today our amazing UK division logged onto the 1-bar server for a tactics training event, which proved to be extremely successful. We maxed a size of 18 at this event and had incredible tactics! This is the start of the rise of the UK division – well done to each and every person that came today! Don’t forget the important battles this weekend – try your best to attend as prizes will be given out!

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