[AUSIA] Success on White Out! 17/10/15

Hello ACP! :mrgreen:

Today we logged onto a 3 bar server hoping for some success to stop our run of bad luck, and we succeeded! We first recruited some new troops at the town and the plaza. Afterwards, we moved to the ice berg and did several tactics. We did pretty well, averaging 15 and maxing 16 with fantastic tactics, which is a great improvement compared to previous AUSIA events! I’d like to thank everyone who came to the event and it’s time for us to get stronger from now on! Continue reading for pictures.

acpevent64 e6acpevent64 e5acpevent64 e9 acpevent64 ecacpevent64 ef

acpevent64 ek acpevent64 em acpevent64 epacpevent64 CLOVER POWER

Well done today, ACP! Comment if you made it! 😀

xaticon lelouch2

Ƈσммαηɗєя Sιɗιє [vex]

ACP Leader

6 Responses


  2. Well done, ACP!

  3. The Royal Matthew’s Family came. (Jai, Ryan, Trader & DrFlen)

  4. great job

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