[UK/US] Champions Cup Battle 3 vs. Navy Troopers VICTORY!

Hey ACP!

Today we ‘battled’ the Navy Troopers in our third battle of the CPAC Champions Cup tournament. We did very well at the event, which saw us reach amazing sizes of 33 and also execute an array of brilliant tactics. This event was one of our best in the last couple of months, and if we keep performing as well as we did today, we will be climbing back up through the Top Ten rankings in no time at all!

Continue reading for the pictures!

Picture credits go to: Myself, Orange, Trader and Fluffyboy.

Comment if you came!

March On! ~Max43810

ACP 2nd in Command

8 Responses

  1. CAME

  2. I attended and recorded video. IT WAS GLORIOUS 🙂
    ~Staff Sergeant Tamiyami

  3. Came

  4. Came. That was truly another amazing victory. Very proud of you all. Next week is going to be much much harder seeing as we have beaten the easy rounds. Hype for Champions Cup Round 4 commence shortly. Sizes of 40+ are expected.

  5. I came

  6. I had the pleasure of attending.

    ~Mr. Burns
    Army of Club Penguin 5ic

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