Champions Cup Results

Hey ACP! Today we had the 4th Round of the Champions Cup! The judges were

Verum – Swat Leader and Enemy

Zakster – Water Vikings Creator


Lorenzo Bean

It doesn’t make it surprising that ACP lost considering that Verum and Zakster are completely bias. You can prove me wrong but it’s whatever man. Let’s get some ACP to judge a battle and see how that goes.

Maxed 23.



[AUSIA] Successful U-Lead on Outback!

Hello ACP! :mrgreen:

Today we logged onto Outback for a u-lead! This was the first time logging onto the server since re-obtaining it in a trade with the RPF, so that was pretty cool. We maintained a steady size of 14-15 throughout the event with decent/average tactics. We began in the town, making a chat bar line and then a backwards L. We moved to the berg and we surrounded the bottom of the berg before pulling out our mining helmets and drilled! This event was pretty good and fun, so thanks to everyone who came :D. Continue reading for pictures.

acpevent66 ez

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