[AUSIA] Successful U-Lead on Outback!

Hello ACP! :mrgreen:

Today we logged onto Outback for a u-lead! This was the first time logging onto the server since re-obtaining it in a trade with the RPF, so that was pretty cool. We maintained a steady size of 14-15 throughout the event with decent/average tactics. We began in the town, making a chat bar line and then a backwards L. We moved to the berg and we surrounded the bottom of the berg before pulling out our mining helmets and drilled! This event was pretty good and fun, so thanks to everyone who came :D. Continue reading for pictures.

acpevent66 ez

 acpevent66 ef acpevent66 ek acpevent66 e5acpevent66 ecacpevent66 e2

Well done today ACP! Make sure to come to the Champions Cup battle if you can at 2 AM EST!  Comment if you came to the event.



ACP Leader

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  1. Nice!

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