Hello ACP! Today we had a quick Training Session on Breeze! We maxed 20 and averaged 18. Decent tactics, some people not paying attention made them seem a little weaker. Overall great job. We will do better than last week!


[E-2] Smile Tactic


[E-D] Sun Tactics



ACP Recap #84 18-24 October

 photo ACPRecap1_zpswulmdpcj.png

Grooo-vay greetings to you all, Purp here with another ACP Recap to end the week! I’m definitely delighted to write this because it’s half term, I’m off school for a week! Yay! I’m sure some of you UK folks are off too, so let’s make the most out of this week. I totally am (SARCASM ALERT). Well anyway, read on! Or read off! Whatever!

Poll results from last week

Cheesy fries vs French fries, ey? Well this is interesting. Also, I have a feeling that Fluffyboy didn’t vote for this.. (hint: HE’S CANADIAN)

Poll of the week yayyy

Now read. the. heck. more.

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