USA Tactic Session on Breeze

Hey ACP! Today we had a tactic training session on Breeze, we had an expected 20+ but the chat died right before the event, lots of mods were away and it was overall not great. Besides that, we maxed 15, averaged 14. Good job guys, tactics were on point. Keep it up, wake up on chat.


[E-C] Coffee Cups Tactic


[E-8] Ill Face Tactic


ACP Leader

Clover Power

[UK] AMAZING Wednesday Training Session on Breeze!

Hey ACP!

Today the UK division performed beyond amazing at the training session on the server Breeze! We maxed 27 and averaged 25 with perfect tactics. Well done ACP, lets keep the UK rise going! Sizes of 30+ are expected for the rest of this week.

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