It’s time to rise!

Hello ACP,

We have been a crazy army of late. One second we are 8th on CPAC Top Ten, and next second we are 5th on CPAC top ten. But I want to tell you something about the top ten


The way ACP rose before was be ignoring everyone around them and just having fun! We didn’t worry about numbers, we didn’t worry about armies getting in our way and we certainly didn’t worry about the CPAC Top Ten. We rose by focusing on us!
Lately that has changed. Lately we’ve focused on being the number 1 army or just in the top 5 armies. But why? Why does size have to be brought into it? Why does size even matter? If we just have fun sizes will rise. If we just focus on numbers then sizes will fall.
It’s time for ACP to rise to what it was before! What was it before? It was an army with huge sizes but didn’t care and loved to have fun at events!
This doesn’t just go out for just ACP. This goes out to every single army, SMAP, SMAC or CPAC. Let’s make armies fun again instead of letting them die out because of a top ten that is made just for fun.

acp pic
ACP Zoomey

3 Responses

  1. *cough* Not multilog *cough* i meant multi log *cough*

  2. Great post. I know what you were implying by this post.

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