SWAT is Ignored

SWAT right now have 0 servers, so all of the invasions that they have posted are invalid.

SWAT is a bunch of cheaters, so why give the cheaters the chance to gain servers?

If CPAC won’t stop SWAT.

We’ll stop SWAT by showing them how irrelevant they are.

Everybody in this community makes jokes about SWAT. Which is why I would not give them the publicity that this war would cause.

SWAT has 0 Troops, 0 Servers, 0 Allies, 100 multilogs.

You’re not cool.


Rad November and Mad December competition announcement

Hello ACP!

It’s nearly Christmas! I’m looking forward to it! I hope you are too! Because I’m looking forward to it I’m going to celebrate by HOLDING MEGA BIG AMAZING COMPETITIONS.

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