Message to SWAT, CPAC and WV


Think you have the right to talk bad about ACP when you’ve been exposed for:

Nulling excessively


Troop Stealing

But CPAC says “it’s not enough proof” to do anything about.

It’s okay though, because Fort59 is gangers cousin so whatever.

 Water Vikings:

You claimed that guessing some of ACP’s account passwords were “proof” of cheating.

But didn’t Water Vikings get exposed for penguins having the same passwords? But CPAC didn’t do anything?

Now Zing wants to try to expose ACP for having similar passwords for account usernames. 

But Water Vikings had the same thing done to them with no post?

I guess there’s advantages when your Creator and Adviser is CPAC CEO

Great job CPAC

(Can’t wait to see your post Zing, I see your still upset about your instagram that Icey made fun of 😦 )

2 Responses

  1. well said trader

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