The Multilogging Epidemic

Dear ACP,

Due to a recent outbreak of a practice that is against the tradition of Club Penguin armies to always work hard and play fair, the act of “multilogging” is hereby banned from the Army of Club Penguin by the Panel of Guardians. The Guardians have drafted a new piece of legislation that will go into effect as soon as this post is published. Please do note that it will not affect anyone retroactively, as there would be no way to decipher who has multilogged in past ACP history. Thank you for your time, and we hope that there will be no more cheating in the Army of Club Penguin.

The law states that:

“No ranked personnel or unranked affiliates of the Army of Club Penguin shall log in to Club Penguin for any purpose or event related to the Army of Club Penguin with multiple penguins on the same computer or multiple computers controlled by the same person. The only penalty for breaking this law is an instant review of evidence by the Panel of Guardians, and removal from the army if the personnel is convicted of the crime. This law is amendable with consent from the highest ranked personnel of the Army of Club Penguin and a majority of the Panel of Guardians.”

-Capncook, Panel of Guardians

[UK] Training Session

Hello, ACP. Today, the UK force logged onto Glacier and had a training session, we maxed 22. Read on for more pictures provided by Myself and Elsa.

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CPAC is a Joke

There are tons of videos of SWAT getting 40-50 on Club Penguin while having 20 on chat. But they get first on CPAC with no issues at all.

ACP on the other hand, get -10 for “multilogging”.

But nor CPAC and SWAT can explain this and they all act like they got dropped on their head.

How is getting 40 at a recruiting session multilogging?

You showed no proof at all and you’re claiming we do such a thing.

You’re a joke

It’s funny how blind CPAC is, even when SWAT admitted to it, you didn’t even give them deducted points

Zing says: “The ACP post was SOLID EVIDENCE”

I don’t understand how a null talking and guessing penguin passwords is solid evidence,

Considering 15 WV Penguins with the same password as usernames were exposed, but nobody batted an eye, But penguins that WE DON’T EVEN USE like Lolly17 are guessed. “-10”

Seriously you must have dropped like 12 times to make a mistake this dumb.

[AUSIA] Fantastic Practice Battle With Snow Ninjas! 15/11/15

Greetings ACP! :mrgreen:

Today the AUSIA division logged on for a practice battle with the Snow Ninjas, who failed to attend as they only had one person on their chat. Our performance was excellent, and we had a consistent size of 17! That’s an amazing improvement compared to yesterday where we maxed 8, so well done ACP! Due to SN not showing up, we decided to have a sort of U-Lead and we had a lot of fun. This is definitely an amazing improvement compared to yesterday and the past few weeks, and we can definitely expect more to come!  Thanks to Ryan, Maverick, Edwin and the other owners for helping me lead :D. Read on for pictures.

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