[AUSIA] Fantastic Practice Battle With Snow Ninjas! 15/11/15

Greetings ACP! :mrgreen:

Today the AUSIA division logged on for a practice battle with the Snow Ninjas, who failed to attend as they only had one person on their chat. Our performance was excellent, and we had a consistent size of 17! That’s an amazing improvement compared to yesterday where we maxed 8, so well done ACP! Due to SN not showing up, we decided to have a sort of U-Lead and we had a lot of fun. This is definitely an amazing improvement compared to yesterday and the past few weeks, and we can definitely expect more to come!  Thanks to Ryan, Maverick, Edwin and the other owners for helping me lead :D. Read on for pictures.

acpevent111 emacpevent111 chatsize2
acpevent111 e7 acpevent111 ec acpevent111 ed1 acpevent111 ef acpevent111 ef1 acpevent111 eg acpevent111 ep acpevent111 ez acpevent111 WARYacpevent111 ilikecarrots

Fantastically done ACP! Make sure to attend the AUSIA events throughout the rest of this new week and we’ll work towards rising back to our former glory!



ACP Leader

6 Responses

  1. Well done ACP! :mrgreen:

  2. came 😀

  3. I came! 😀

  4. The pure, awesome force has returned!

  5. Came!

  6. Amazing AUSIA event!

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