Getting To Know Troops #5

Hey There ACP!,

 It is finally time for the newest Getting to know troops and today i decided to interview Tamiyami!. Tamiyami has been in ACP for a while and recently got promoted to moderator due to the retirement of Tradercp! now let us start with the interview 😉

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Revival Of The Poll Of The Week

Hello again everybody! I’m Maverick, your new Third In Command of the AUSIA division. I’ve noticed in the past few days that the ACP site has no fun posts, just plain old event posts and I know how boring it gets. That’s why I’ve decided to take over the “Poll Of The Week” that was formerly managed by our former AUSIA leader, Star. I shall be making a post every week with a poll inside that may or may not be related to armies in general and all of the troops will get a chance to vote on the poll in order to express their opinion.
There has been a continuous argument on which is the best gaming console since ages and there is no end to the argument. I think it’s about time we settle that issue! So here’s a poll to settle it for a while, at least.



Want to suggest the poll for next week? Leave a comment with a suggestion in it and I’ll make sure to read it.