Getting To Know Troops #5

Hey There ACP!,

 It is finally time for the newest Getting to know troops and today i decided to interview Tamiyami!. Tamiyami has been in ACP for a while and recently got promoted to moderator due to the retirement of Tradercp! now let us start with the interview 😉

Me – Blue

Tamiyami – Green

Me – What is your favourite part about the ACP?

Tamiyami- Events and my friends on here, and the community. The community is what draw me here in the first place.

Me – Who do you admire in the ACP?

Tamiyami – Edwin, Elsa, Sidie.

Me – Awesome now some question about YOURSELF!

Me – What is your favourite food?

Tamiyami – Filet Mignion.

Me – What is your favourite TV show?

Tamiyami – Pokemon.

Me – What is your favourite gaming consle?

Tamiyami – Gameboy Advanced SP.

Me – What is your favourite drink?

Tamiyami – Orange juice.

Me – Do you like the new EPF themed party in Club Penguin?

Tamiyami – Yeah, it looks cool.

Me – Anything else you would like to say?

Tamiyami – I thank acp for the great community for that it is, and for the fun times at events, battles it is also the site where i meet my girlfriend, Kitty and for that i am truly grateful, Waddle on ACP! Clover Power!

Like the interview? have some suggestions on who to interview next? Leave a comment!

Also check out Mavericks amazing new series called Polls of the week!


8 Responses

  1. OK well I was thinking maybe it would be good to interview Splash and also thank you Tami it’s nice to know someone admires me in armies so yes thank you and a good interview Ryan keep up the OK work 😀

  2. Thanks for the chance at an interview but I forgot to say that I admire Kitty too idk how it slipped my mind but it did :3

  3. Like Elsa said, interview Ryan or Edwin if you haven’t already :3 Actually Elsa would be a great person to interview as well :3

  4. Awesome! Who knows? Maybe I’ll get interviewed lol…. no chance for me…..

  5. Nice to see this return finally. Next time put the interview in the beige quote background thing so it’s easier to read.

  6. I wish get iinterviewed

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