The Rebuilding of Our Great Nation | Operation Phoenix

It’s time to act.


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US Training Session



Today we logged on to Breeze for a quick training session of which we maxed 10 and averaged 9. We did some good strong tactics which are below. Not bad today, but I do expect MUCH more from all of you. Tomorrow is the Christmas Chaos Round 1, and our goal is to max at least 25. I understand a lot of us are busy with school and life since the holidays have ascended upon us, but we must stay together and stand strong. I plan on hosting some fun contests and giveaways in the coming weeks, so I hope you all have fun. Lets win the first round tomorrow!

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UK Christmas Chaos Training session

Hello, ACP. Today, the UK, force logged onto the server Breeze to have a training session; for tomorrow’s Christmas Chaos tournament. We practiced such stuff as changing rooms quickly and rapid tactics. Massive thank you’s to Elsa and Tami who led whilst I was unable to do so. Due to that, the event was able to run as smoothly as it could be under the circumstances. We maxed around ten however there was a lot of connection problems which probably didn’t help out size out at all.. Continue reading for pictures provided by I, Elsa, Tami, Crazy and Splash.

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