UK Christmas Chaos Training session

Hello, ACP. Today, the UK, force logged onto the server Breeze to have a training session; for tomorrow’s Christmas Chaos tournament. We practiced such stuff as changing rooms quickly and rapid tactics. Massive thank you’s to Elsa and Tami who led whilst I was unable to do so. Due to that, the event was able to run as smoothly as it could be under the circumstances. We maxed around ten however there was a lot of connection problems which probably didn’t help out size out at all.. Continue reading for pictures provided by I, Elsa, Tami, Crazy and Splash.


Our first attempt at ‘quickly’ changing rooms.



28th november event 2

28th november event 3

28th november event 4

Power dude was running away from the vile smell


28th november event 5

Caffeine bomb

28th november event 6

28th november event 7

28th november event 9

Comment if you attended this event,

natsu gif

Super Edwin, Leader of the UK division.

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  1. I attended

  2. I came! 😀

  3. I attended!

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