US Training Session



Today we logged on to Breeze for a quick training session of which we maxed 10 and averaged 9. We did some good strong tactics which are below. Not bad today, but I do expect MUCH more from all of you. Tomorrow is the Christmas Chaos Round 1, and our goal is to max at least 25. I understand a lot of us are busy with school and life since the holidays have ascended upon us, but we must stay together and stand strong. I plan on hosting some fun contests and giveaways in the coming weeks, so I hope you all have fun. Lets win the first round tomorrow!

Read on for the pictures!





Yes, I know we aren’t the same as in 2013 or 2009, but we still are a very capable army with a lot of potential. If we all work together and do our part, that whole lot of potential energy will change into kinetic energy, and we will rise. It’s not hard or complicated. We can do it.




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  1. Nice work US!

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